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All Movement as Medicine Classes with Christa include:

Franklin Method Imagery to release tension and wake you up to your ideal alignment, core strengthening in your ideal alignment, movement linked with breath to develop the skill of moving within your ideal alignment and your own range, alignment and breath focused strengthening and embodied relaxation.

In each class Christa gives movement and alignment feedback to students.

Yoga for a Better Back w/Embodied Meditation (optional)

Most pain is caused by movement habits that wear down the body over time. In Yoga for a Better Back we use embodiment at the start of class to wake up to your ideal alignment, then use yoga and core strengthening to anchor the ideal alignment into your movement and nervous systems creating true healing.  

Embodied Meditation is the practice of feeling how your body moves as you breathe.  Christa uses the embodiment from the class and relates it to the simple, but not obvious movements your body makes with each breath.  It is calming, energizing and healing.

Intelligent Body: Work In to Work Out  Franklin Method meets Yoga, Exercise & Meditation

Each class begins with embodiment, this releases tension and gets you moving from YOUR ideal alignment into a yoga warm-up so your muscles are pliable and ready for a small workout creating equal strength and flexibility. Class completes with stretching, relaxation and meditation leaving you connected to yourself, centered and open.

Embodied Restorative Yoga w/Embodied Meditation (optional)

Restorative Yoga is a practice of being held in supported poses.  The act of relaxing in a stretch position before you feel a stretch does these things: assists muscles and connective tissue to relax their pull on the bones.  This gives more capacity for strength, calms your nervous system,  gives you a new perspective on yourself and your life, and wakes you up to a feeling state which is where healing happens. It is also surprisingly fun.