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Everything offered here falls under the category of Movement as Medicine.  Most pain is caused by ways we move over time that are not how the body is designed to move.  This is the case whether you are an accomplished athlete or a person with a more sedentary persuasion. This causes tension. Tension leads to pain and pain leads to injury.  The good news is by waking up to how your body is designed to move and doing that instead, most pain disappears.  Quickly.  Sometimes instantly.  

If you are an accomplished athlete and want to reduce your tension and pain and improve your performance, you can do that here.  If you have weird problems like you simply fall over and your knees hurt when you go up stairs and you want to stop falling and feeling limited, you can do that here too.  These methods will create improvements for anyone who uses them.

To get started using my Movement as Medicine methods you can:

These methods have transformed me from a person who felt limited, in a constant battle with tension and pain and feeling like the best years of my life were behind me and my life is in a process of shrinking to feeling empowered, able to learn new things, and be active without pain and I am 57.

From a spiritual context, these methods have given me a way to experience myself as truly present in my body and in my life.  This calms pervasive anxiousness and offers a way to stop looking outside for solutions and healing.

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